Twenty-Three Months and Counting

Life with a 23-month-old never ceases to be a heck of a ride. Here Avery is pictured with ponytails and a self-chosen ensemble, perusing mommy's nail polish options. (The zip up collar? Supposed to be on the back of her neck. Totally works this way though)! Her favorite things to do these days are throw rocks in ponds, put her socks on, imitate her sister's phraseology and "watch something." She's doing lots of singing. Her S's have a hilarious lisp to them. She loves to color and draw. She also prefers drinking her milk out of a cup with no lid. Inevitably, this leads to a spill and if that happens she goes to the drawer and picks out a towel and cleans it up. And I am not her mom, her mommy, her momma, I am her "Maaaammy," thank you very much.

If she's being given some less-than-positive feedback on her behavior she immediately goes into cat mode, meowing like mad. She's also been known to bust out a "baa" if in trouble. Maybe sheep don't get in trouble in her mind? She and Jooge have been having a lot of little physical spats the past few days. She hates going to sleep at night, cries for the first twenty minutes at least. She also really likes to unpeel the sides of her pull ups and leave them strewn around the room, butt bare and free. Oh, and if her pants have snaps in her inner leg seams she unsnaps them. Is this for more ventilation? Not sure. Here is Avery at a month. Unbelievable that she is inching towards two. She is such a precious girl, and she is growing up so fast! Oh the blur that is motherhood.


momomax said…
she is so so so cute. I wish there was a way to slow down time, maybe with a pill or with advanced yoga where you'd be able to bend spoons and time with your mind as well as your rock hard abs.

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