E My Name is Edith and I Come From Eugene and I Sell Eggs

Last weekend we went to Eugene for the weekend to visit friends who are due mid-April to have baby number two. (Holla guys!) One of the greatest things about visiting them is that they are graced with a HUGE backyard which our kids love. There's a playhouse, a sandbox, a slide, swings, an area to ride on toys, a hot tub, grass to play golf and it goes on and on! This compared to our eensy weensy speck of a paved backyard is pure heaven for the girls.

While in Eugene we ate Track Town Pizza and had tacos from Mucho Gusto. We got to feed the ducks at Alton Baker (so much duck poop!) and see the sun and planet models. We even sat on the bench where my husband proposed to me on the little island in Alton Baker's duck pond. They got the neatest park that you have to check it out if you're ever there. It's the coolest playground I've seen, rivaling any we know around here. Of course we had to hit that and spend some time eating sand.

Good times.


Robin said…
Good ol' Eugene. Gotta love it!

Look how fast Jooge's hair has grown! It's amazing - kind of like my hair on the prenatal vitamins. I can't keep it in line.

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