The Easter Post

Yesterday we went to an Easter egg hunt in some friends' beautiful backyard. It was our first real hunt and so fun to watch them marvelling over one egg, unaware that the point was to gather many.
We decorated eggs using the good 'ole Paas color tablets. Jooge was in heaven and Avery's rough touch with the eggs was pretty comical, nearly throwing them into the color.
We woke up to the sound of kid joy after Julia discovered this outside her door.....

She pulled each thing delicately from her basket and from her mouth flew classic exclamations like, "Ohh, the Easter bunny must have known I love butterflies." When her sister saw her stash she immediately started popping "Jugga-beans." Ahhh, the best days are started with sugar and laughter, I say.
Following that there was an egg hunt downstairs where the "Easter bunny" (daddy) had hidden our eggs.

Happy Easter!


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