Letter to My Two-Year-Old

Dear Avery,
You turned two today and time has pulled you into a taller version of your savvy adorable and always-entertaining self. Lately, you've been up to a lot. You listen to books for longer stretches. You comment on what I read, (after saying, "Momma, have to tell you sumpeen," of course). You request t.v. shows now, watching with better attention. Whatever your sister does, you do too. You look up to her with a lot of love and admiration.

Mine is your favorite word these days. Like most independent-minded two-year-olds, you're famous for moves like running off down the sidewalk and away when it's time to get in the car, or when it's time to climb out of the car seat, climbing into the front seat instead to press buttons and pretend. If you are in trouble for smacking mommy in the face, you sit on the step until your timer goes off. You are going to bed without resistance these days, asking for, "Unshine away" so I sing "You are my sunshine" and then you say a perky, "Goodbye," and snuggle in with your friends.

You are 27 pounds and 35 inches tall. You love to eat string cheese and when it's time to drink your milk or water you'd prefer it without a lid, thank you very much. Lids cause tantrums, which you have been known to throw, surprising mommy and making her ask, "What? What is it? Use your words!" Good thing you're used to using your words. The doctor can't believe how verbal you are, how you said on the way to the doctor, "Ion't want to go to the doctor. He take my snot out." Yes, you have snot right now. And you like to wipe it off all by yourself. You do a pretty good job, too.

You also put on your socks by yourself. You love jumping on furniture. You like to draw and color. I got you nighties for your birthday and you'd like to just wear them all the time. You talk about Luna and Zoe all the time. You also like to act like a kitty and a doggy. You willingly take medicine and vitamins. You love to brush your teeth, well, mostly you love to suck the water off the toothbrush. This has been happening for awhile now. Your feet are really sweet. Your whole body is really sweet, I just want to kiss it and munch on its soft huggability, easy to accomplish when you are running around "Maked." You held your birthday card and pointed at the words and read what it said. "Love, Julia." You know what you want and you ask for it. Last night it was to play with the "pooter" game. (Really a battleships game). You have some of the funniest sideways expressions and when you smile for a picture it just cracks mommy up. You enjoy cleaning up and do so while singing, "Clean up, clean up, ev-bodee clean up."

When you see someone new you get a little shy, yet these days I've heard you belting out "hellos" to the checker as we're leaving the line. So much to enjoy about you these days. I must go because you want me to draw a Daddy Snowman and then a Mommy Snowman and then Julia Snowman and then Avery snowman........... Welcome to the third year of your life little Bub. I love you so much.


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