Sweet Little Birdy

I took this picture of this sweet little bird one day on our way home from the park. It had such pretty colors and was twittering away prettily. I have been wishing I knew how to identify birds by their songs and markings. I'm pretty good about identifying plants and flowers but not so with the world of Audubon.

We had a week off preschool for parent/teacher conferences. Basically another spring break. Looks like Jooge is developing normally and is appreciated for her goodness. Now we are back to school this week for another month before summer vacation. We start swimming class next week. Jooge will do her class and then Avery and I will be in the pool doing a class too at the same time. Should be fun. I do things like this and then when we're all getting cleaned dried and dressed in the locker room I remember, Oh yeah. THIS. We will all sleep well after the workout in and out of the pool.

We are dealing with Pink Eye around here. Avery woke up today with eyes nearly sealed shut with gunk. It was terrible. Hopefully it won't be around for long after we hit it with the prescribed eye drops. Our Pediatrician doesn't see patients for pink eye, they just diagnose over the phone, so we didn't have to go in. Seems like odd germs are grabbing on at this time of year when they know they can't for much longer.

Have been listening to Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird album, particularly track four, which a certain three year old likes to have on repeat. It's a great song that is now burned into my brain along with every other song they love. Lovely is the best word I can use to describe her voice.

We went to Washington Square this weekend. The husband needed a few new things. We ended up at Pottery Barn kids and I was drooling over a few of their mobiles, one that the butterfly lover in our house would love, and one of the solar system that we were studying to see if it's really got the planets in their proper places. Between those and their great selection of books, doll strollers, dollhouses, wooden food and tea sets, I left empty handed as unwillingly as the two year old who threw a fit in my arms when I had to take her out.

We may be entering the nap rebellion phase with Miss Avery. She did not do it yesterday and it sounds like she's trying not to today, also. So funny to hear her talking away to her crib mates, the occasional doll head conking into the iron rails of her crib. Poor dollies. Ooh, looks like I spoke too soon. Suddenly it's quiet. Ahhhh....

I'm off to work on a made-up shirt for Jooge. I have to do button holes, which I have in my mind that are scary, but which really don't have to be. I will share the finished product later. Happy Last Day of April!


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