Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bib City

These bibs, which I finished last week, were made in the same style as some made for me when I was having the Jooge. Simple, but cute. They started as a pack of twelve washcloths from Wal-mart. I cut them into the desired shape, sewed the bias tape around the edges,(leaving a good length on each end to be used as ties) then added appliques. I did them in sets of two, so the car/turtle is a set, the rectangle/elephant is a set and then the circle one has an exact twin underneath it. Everyone we know is having boys, hence the color scheme. You can check them out closer by clicking on the picture, though that will reveal my imperfect stitching and thus their, well, character. Rimbeys, you get first dibs, which ones would Mason enjoy?

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