Doctor Doctor Can't You See I'm Coughin' Coughin'

I'm happy to report we all lived through a terrible night last night, one of the worst. Both kids have had a virus for the past week or so. We've had TONS of sneezing, lots of coughing, snot, a bit of a rash. Yesterday after a few days of coughing that was turning progressively worse, I finally took Avery to the Dr. because I needed peace of mind that we weren't dealing with any more walking pnemonia or the like. He prescribed breathing treatments for her wheeze, giving me yet another copy of the requisite "Dealing with Asthma" booklet and we went home to Nebulizer-land.

Jooge on the other hand, was coughing on ocasion (not yet in need of breathing treatments or to see the doc) yesterday but last night that cough merged with the WORST CROUP EVER, so bad that her cheeks are covered with broken blood vessels today. I'm talking DEATH COUGH after DEATH COUGH. These coughs were so unlike any she'd ever coughed before. They shook her, they bent her over in utter exertion, she cried, screamed, it was hell. After a trip to the bathroom full of steam she was better but I slept with her last night just so she'd stay in her bed and feel okay when she woke up over and over again. I did not sleep too well, so I was exausted today.

So when I took Jooge in (Hello Dr., here we are again today!) first I put her in the car without shoes on. Sometimes I do this and throw the shoes in for later but this time my sleep-deprived brain forgot. Then, when we were sitting, hillbilly-like in the waiting room sans shoes with her seal bark cough sounding every ten seconds lemmie just tell ya, it was TERRIBLE. I gave her encouraging pep talks about catching her cough in her elbow as one mom tried to get her little guy to come back to her and away from us. Oh the relief when the nurse came to call their names. One mom with two newborns who was sitting a few seats away took her carseats to the furthest corner of the waiting room, just to get away from us! At Target later we got lots of stares. I wanted to shout, "It's not as contagious as you think," and, "I'm just waiting for our prescription here, people, normally we wouldn't be out and about like this."

Hours later with food in our bellies, naps in full swing, Jooge's steroid crushed and mixed in with a bowl of Haagen Daaz cookie dough ice cream, things seem more hopeful. According to our Pediatrician, the night will not be as bad as last night. Will she miss swimming lessons? You betcha. Will she miss the last day of school tomorrow? Possibly. But tonight? We don't have to fret like we did last night. I don't have to wonder if I should take her to the E.R. She's exausted today,soon the steroids will be snarling through her veins, but she's going to be okay.


Melissa said…
Oh lordy I am feeling lucky that Liam has yet to have a cough...let alone croup or walking pneumonia. But wait, September looms forth with preschool and the promise of all kinds of hearty germs ready to ride back home with us. Ick.
Anonymous said…
Poor Jooge and Avery! And you guys, too!!! That's so hard. And dontcha just loooove the judgemental STARES from other women--like they've NEVER had sick (or misbehaved) children. Riiiiiiiiight.
Love ya!

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