In Suburbia

I'm at my most content when I'm outside and if I'm also going somewhere or with people I love, it's ideal. I used to ride my bike around (and around and around) Eugene's river bike path back in the day. I remember passing families riding together, or bike trailers sailing along with little faces inside, watching everything pass quickly, content.

My husband and I have been looking forward to riding and towing our own precious little faces, especially after we bought our bike trailer for the kids last summer. Over Memorial weekend he bought himself a great bike and we hooked it to the Burley and took our first ever family bike ride. It was awesome. I loved following them and feeling a part of things yet free. My husband wore a huge grin while hauling the kids. And the kids LOVED it. What could be wrong with sailing along with so much to see and your favorite people nearby? With destinations galore, friendly routes, and warm evenings, summer, we have so much to look forward to.


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