More Trees Please

This weekend for me was spent in a state of serious low motivation. We did manage to get out for some forest time which did us all some good. Avery and I were ambling along the trail when we turned the bend and found Daddy and Jooge who had a poop on deck. She and I hoofed it through the forest at top pace so we could reach the park's bathroom on time. Once we made it safely and she was sitting doing her deed, she was thoughtful, taking her time. I could learn a lot from her. I am always rushing. She was particularly focused on the smell of the bathroom. I noted a heavy dose of cleaning solution but she thought it smelled like m&m's.

Today I have a to do list a mile long so there's no more time for being low on motivation. There are maintenance requests to issue, a call to the library to ask that awful question: how much do I owe? (I've repaired thousands of books. You should see all the page taping I've done. And finally, it was on The Littles Have a Party that I neglected to properly fix the poor binding of that book). There's laundry, and I mean lots of it, maybe even re-doing some that sat wrinkly and forgotten once out of the drier. This will mean an outing because I'm low on detergent. I have to get an oil change for our poor neglected car and mail a package. The whole upstairs needs to be picked up and put away. There are dishes to unload and reload. Above all else, there is a chill pill that will need to be taken. No need to get overwhelmed. I'll get it done.

Today, in taking on my to do list, may I leave Low Motivation Land yet have the ability to stop and smell the M&M's. I'll let ya know how that goes.


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