An Ode of Sorts

My mom made a real impression on me. SO many of the things I do in my life are
because of the way she did things and the way I looked to her as someone I admired. From putting us in preschool to joining a sorority to napping when my kids napped,to choosing a t-shirt because it reminded me of the t-shirts she wore,so much of it, I now emulate as a woman, and as a mom.

One thing I just did because she did, was to sew. All through high school while everyone else was taking cooking or computers for their electives, I was making aprons rimmed with colorful bias tape for preschoolers in sewing class. I was sewing sweatpants and pillows. I was really into sewing. I credit my mom for that because she sat me down with a needle and thread when I was about 3 or 4 and taught me to hand stitch. I will do the same thing because she did it. We're getting quite near that moment, I'm sure.

My mom made me lots of clothes when I was growing up. I can still picture this darling long sleeved smock type shirt she made me out of a dark blue corduroy with squirrels on it. When I was four she made these awesome little summer tops for me that were basically a triangular shape with bias tape threaded through the top and bottom and tied at the neck and back. RICH! I can still remember the fabric.

I am now at a point where I'm feeling the urge to sew some things for the girls, like my mom did for me. As I mentioned in my last post, I was working on doing button holes on an actual garment for Julia. The fact that I made it without a pattern and that it morphed into a little summery top for Avery instead due to my novice skillz as a seamstress, well, no matter. Here it is in all it's finished splendor. (Lots of flaws here people but for the most part a rewarding outcome). I have my mom to thank for that.


Anonymous said…
Good God, is that CUTE or what?! Nice job. Meagan

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