It's 11:11 Make a Wish!

We went to Omsi yesterday and in their discovery room they had a cool "wishing wall" where they had also posted the story of Orihime and Kengyuu. According to legend, Orihime was a weaver and made her father many beautiful clothes. One day she was very sad because she'd been so busy weaving she didn't have time to fall in love. Her father, Tentei, felt sorry for her and arranged a marriage with Kengyuu. They were happily married, bathed in the sweetness that marriage brings. They seemed to be happier everyday thereafter. But Tentei became very angry, because in devoting so much time to her happy marriage, Orihime was neglecting her weaving. He seperated the couple by a river and it was only during one night of the year that he would allow them to meet, the 7th day of the 7th month. Their story was posted near the wishing wall and it filled me with all sorts of inspiration, as did the messages of hope hanging on the wishing wall. I tried to get Avery to make a wish (Jooge was off running amock with a friend) but she just wanted to draw on the papers and so instead I made wishes, wrote them on the triangles of trees and hung them gingerly. I wish at any opportunities, love the magic of wishing. What wish would you hang on the wishing wall?


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