Sing It, Helen!

It's a transition phase around here lately. Moving from school ending to birthday to now, nearly here, summer. I want to be on top of things, have a plan, lead us through the days with purpose, as in fun being the number one goal. I've done it before, I was a Rec Leader in the summers, planning kids days, and a teacher planning their school lives. I'm sure I can do it for my own kids. Of course there will be days of nothing wedged comfortably between the somethings. I need to find the balance between being on the go and going nowhere, between routine and freedom.

We have been hit hard with allergy woe. The Jooge turned four and boom, is miserable on beautiful and windy days. She looks a little like Rocky Balboa after a fight and there's not a whole heck of a lot we can do other than the daily dose of loratadin and saline drops, should we bo so lucky as to get to drop them in her tense, fearful, screaming eyes. We can't stay indoors all summer, but we can avoid large fieldy areas. Poor girl.

One of Jooge's most classic presents was the soundtrack to Pete's Dragon. That movie has become one of their favorites, as it was for my brothers and I back in the day. I called my brother Ryan yesterday and when he said, "Hey Teets," all he got was an earful of the Gogans singing about their bill of sale giving them a legal claim. I was laughing so hard and when I put the phone up to my ear, so was he. Then later Avery sang him a few bars of Candle on the Water and at the end she was singing, "I'll never let youuu goooooo." If you know that song, you know that part and it was a true laughing/crying moment.Jooge also likes to dance to the songs and wear her twirly skirt, swishing it all around like Nora did in the movie. RICHNESS!

I really want to gather up my pals who might appreciate this and take a trip down memory lane. I loved Judy Blume in every form she took, love that there's a tribute to her, love that Portland is the place where that tribute will happen.


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