Saturday, June 16, 2007

Welcome to the Family Little One

Whelp, it's official. We've been in the market for another car, we weren't sure if it was going to be new or used. We considered lots of options, we thought long and hard.

Today the girls and I went to a BBQ while my husband stayed home because he's on call and never can relax at stuff like that if he's on call. He did have some mysterious appointment though at this same time and of course I was assuming it was a car-related mission, though I was not informed of any details because I knew he wanted to surprise me.

At some point during the shin dig I called to check in with him and he informed me that he had car trouble and was stuck and didn't have a way to get home. Later I checked my cell phone and he'd called four times so I called him and he was home, informing me his car had been towed, the tow truck guy had some in with the repair shop so they got it in the gate, blah blah blah. "Come home soon, I need TLC" was his last comment.

So the kids and I are walking home through the neighborhood and I see a black CRV parked a few blocks over from our house and I actually thought, that could be a new car, that's what I wanted, maybe he got that. I peered in to see if our car seats were in there but indeed there were none. It was completely spotless and fancy and I got excited imagining that he'd parked it there and that maybe when we got home he'd say, "Let's go walk and get the mail," and then there it'd be. I told the kids, "There's our new car."

So we hoof it home and I still think I just may see a new car in the driveway too, because what are the chances he's actually done what I'd imagined, bought a new car, parked it where he didn't think we'd see it, and then plan to walk and get the mail and there it was. He's wearing this super serious expression, but shrugging like, "Man, I've just been through hell with my whole car fiasco," and then I say, "Is that our new car? There's a brand new CRV parked in the next block. That's our car, isn't it." Excited. Nearly crying, am I. His serious expression breaks for a bit and he looks at me funny. His way of affirming that it is indeed our car is to say, "Let's go get the mail." IT WAS OUR NEW CAR! Isn't that terrible that I foiled his plan? It makes me wish I had planned along just to let him execute his genius schematics.

Anyway, she came to live with us today. She's in the driveway right now. I've never ever ever owned a new car but now we own her and she will drive us to many important occasions in the next 12 years before my kids start driving her.......Wait, one of my kids will be driving her in 12 years? She's safe, she's reliable, she's sporty and cute. She's exactly what this family needs and now loves. We took a test drive and all the little perks were so exciting, like a mirror to see the kids in back, a sunroof, an MP3 jack, tons of space in the back, LATCH anchors. Dude, can you tell how long we've been driving a car born many years back?

And so, I have the father of my children to thank for bringing home from the car hospital this new addition to the family. Lo, though it's Father's Day, he got a car for us, a car that I wanted, so we'd be safe. I'd like to give a proper shout-out to you hon, for your hard work and well-planned surprise, as well as your keen eye for a great car, your willingness to buy new, for trusting me to keep it clean and pretty, and all in all, for all the things you do to put a smile on my face, because there are many. I love you a lot and "thank you for it." But mostly, I love you because you are an AWESOME father and the kids are so lucky to have you for their dad. Happiest of Father's Days! I wish I could hide a Lexus LX 470 around the block for you. Someday..........


mox said...

so sweet, congratulations! and happy father's day

Marisue said...

It's way cute. Did you go out and immediately put a ding in it so you can really relax and enjoy it?

Melissa said...

Very nice, I had to do a double take as you drove by....and were my ears hearing correctly and it is a hybrid??

Maureen said...

Congrats on the newest member of the family. CRV owners unite (although mine is significantly older with many graham crackers crushed between the seats...)!

Robin said...

YAY! congrats on the new car!

I am also wanting a new car - BAD. I drive a 95 Subaru and the thing doesn't even have power windows. When was the last time you manually rolled down the window?!?!? Gah - I'm jealous and happy for you!