Building It So They Will Come

This morning we made a bird feeder. The project caught my eye because it used everyday items (an empty plastic bottle and two wooden spoons) in a new way. The spoons (two stuck through a few inches apart and at different angles) are cleverly designed as resting places for the birdseed to spill out onto and for a bird to stop on as well. It was an easy project, even screwing the little screw into the top of the bottle lid was easy once I pounded a little hole into it with a nail. While I did MOST of the work, the kids helped poke the spoons in and pour the birdseed. Once hung, they were very interested in it. Jooge put some chairs out for she and her sister to sit and wait for the birds. In that way it has lent itself to an awareness of the birds because now they are wondering where they are and thinking about what they might be doing when ordinarily it wouldn't even cross their minds. It will be a thrill if we spot any birds stopping by and snacking.


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