I'm One Proud Ma

The Jooge has been quite surprising lately. Four is definitely fitting differently than three, in a very good way.

We've been plugging away reading a chapter of "Little House On The Prairie" here and there. Reading that book is highly recommended if you'd like to positively influence your child's behavior. She has listened as Pa corrects Laura and Laura responds with a, "Yes, Pa." During some of her recent naughty moments, my response has been to let her know that Charles and Caroline Ingalls never would have let Laura do that. She has started to ask me to call her Laura. (Sometimes it's "Mary" because she knows she is older) and if I ask her to do something (after I call her Laura,) her response is usually, "Yes, Ma." I take a double take and gasp, but love every second of her sudden respectful turn. It is truly rich!

Another breakthrough has been happening with the whole eating thing. She's a very picky eater and we have definitely catered to her, offering only what we know she will eat, instead of what everyone eats. I know, I know, it's really terrible. So we decided to follow the advice of a great book and just put the food down in front of her, reminding her that we get to choose what goes on her plate and she gets to choose what she eats. She really freaked out when the burger was placed on her usually naked bun. (Freaked out is kind of putting it mildly). It was really hard not to respond, we just kind of ate and felt convicted that it was clearly important she had more experiences with new foods on her plate. She has since tried a few things that she never would have tried, so it's worth it and we need to keep it up.

Last week she had her teeth cleaned. She wanted me to come into the room so Avery and I did. I sat in the corner and read a magazine while she climbed into the seat. She had brought her Pink Palace Poodle and they did a great job involving the poodle in the whole experience. But when it came time to get her teeth polished by the little spinney brush, she was having none of that. As I watched the whole exchange between Jooge and the hygienist, I felt my blood pressure rising. The hygienist was persistent but gentle about it. She was trying to just get Jooge to hold the brush, or to hold the suction device. By some sort of divine intervention, Jooge eventually softened and realized the tools weren't scary, and the next thing I know she's letting the gal clean her teeth. Angels began singing to the highest heights. It was a true miracle.

I'm feeling really proud of her bravery, her good choices, her transformation. And in the way of the Ingalls, she has one heck of a shiny penny coming her way.


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