Meghann and Jooge Circa 2004

Andy, the aforementioned brother, brought his, "Special Lady Friend," (fiance) to visit for the second half of his journey this week. We got to spend some time together bonding while getting pedicures.

Meghann is a really great match for Andy. Whereas he is more loud and front and center stage, she sits back and watches and listens, giving laughter or rolling her eyes when appropriate. She herself commands the stage as a dancer, poised, graceful, talented. Around the kids she is equally loved, giving them great attention, laughing at all the funny expressions coming out of their mouths. She brings them great presents. She worked for Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader so this time when she came the kids each got signs with their names on them like the ones here that she got to make for the show. How rich is that?

She went with me to Jooge's first dance class. There were a few obnoxious moms in the waiting room, one whose nose was pressed up against the glass and whose words about her three-year-old, ("Oh, what is she doing, we practiced that!) were, uh, slightly scary. I was glad to hear Meghann say that she would put her kids in dance but that she was urked by that lady.

She will be a great addition to our family. We love you Meghann! Happy Birthday!


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