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Sometimes, I just feel like such a copycat wannabe when it comes to crafting and then blogging about it. But, there are so many people doing so many great creative things in the land of blog. For a compulsively creative person, I become inspired a lot and want to try things. Having my new sewing machine only encourages this.

This blogwas such a source of inspiration when I was planning our summer a bit, and recently inspired me again when she talked about her zest for making pj bottoms for her kids. She used thrifted sheets for a few of hers, and it got me thinking about all these cool muslin thrifted pillow cases that I have. Voila, they are now super soft pj bottoms for Jooge. I didn't have to race out and buy a pattern because I already owned one that I'd subsequently bought for a pajama making endeavor that ended before it began. Pillow cases ended up being just enough fabric to make a size five PJ bottom. I also found a thrifted Garnet Hill sheet and used two other thrifted sheets for other pairs.

I used Simplicity NEW LOOK 6421, and it's for both a nightie and regular ole PJ's with a button down shirt and simple bottoms. I realized the size was a HUGE range (from 3-8) so I'll be able to use this pattern for awhile and, as Blair did, make new sets as they grow. Maybe I'll even attempt the tops, though I like the idea of just getting a bunch of t-shirts to go with the bottoms. I cannot stress enough how simply easy this project was, and how, like Blair, I was hit with a huge crafting, well, boner, for making PJ bottoms. They go together zip zap (it is very unusal for me to not use a seam ripper when sewing and I did not need one once) and are so dang cute and Jooge definitely needed six new pairs of pj bottoms now that fall is nearing.

I am a virtual stranger to Blair, but again, I must send full credit to her for her inspiration for these. The details are lost in this picture so you might want to click on them to view their full splendor! (Such a proud mama I am).


Blair said…
They are so so cute! I love the little extra bits you added, like the ric rac (what's not to love about ric rac, I'll tell ya!). I added pockets on an earlier batch I made, but I must admit I was feeling a time crunch on this batch, I was trying to ton them out!
Tia said…

Thanks! Your compliments mean so much. :O)

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