Conversation in the Car

Jooge: Becky is a nice name. I like the name Becky.

Me: For who?

Jooge: Someone in our family. Maybe we could call Daddy Becky.

The hilarity.


Blair said…
So good you recorded that, priceless!
Robin said…
that is too funny! Laura Ingalls also just about killed me this morning. I know I'm supposed to relish these baby months, but I cannot wait for Max to start talking and coming up with this kind of stuff.
Maureen said…
So funny! I also looooved the ballet story. Tell Laura I said hello.
Meagan Elliot said…
That's a sweet one, Cornelia. ThANks for sharing. Check out our Sisterhood of the Traveling Lunches blog--we just got it going: http:\\

Ta-ta! cher

PS Say hi to Becky for me!

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