Monday, October 08, 2007

I Haven't Forgotten About Bub

Miss Avery hasn't been featured here much lately so here are some of the things she's been up to lately. Lemmie tell ya, this two and a half year old knows how to par tay.
This is her (sitting glued to my side) on a horse drawn carriage ride during a recent trip to Salem. I mean if you're going to roll, a horse drawn carriage is the way to go, dog.
And if you're as curious as she is, what better thing to do than investigate a mysterious tunnel at Enchanted Forest. Wow. Times have changed since that place came to be. Many a dark tunnel to twist one's ankle in, many a freaky display, but all in all, so glad it's still standing, for I too went there as a wee one and remember it still as magical.

One of Avery's favorite things to do is go camping. We have a trip planned for this weekend and she asks about it nearly 500 times a day. Let's hope that highly anticipated event doesn't get rained out......

And yet, travelling to a destination is not required for a good time for Avery. NO siree, Bob. She's just as happy picking up pom poms with a lint remover. OR, when mommy isn't looking, disrobing and filling the sink with warm water so she can climb in for some fun.

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