Oh Yeah, My Blog

The 'ole blog hasn't been getting much attention as of late and I feel that I am in a blog-rut, even thinking, "maybe I'm done." I don't know, has it run its' course? Am I through? The best part about doing a blog is that it gets me writing. The worst part is that for me right now it's at the bottom of the priority list so when it gets that far down, why bother?

As far as our latest and greatest, the Jooge is back to preschool and now attending three mornings a week, which is excellent. She is so happy to be back and it's been a nice adjustment because though we filled our summer, there towards the end I think she was really missing school for the stimulating, social, important place it is to her. I saw an immediate change in her after being back so for that I am glad.

Her first day was Monday and when we drove up to the church where our preschool has been housed since the late seventies there were cop cars and a crime scene vehicle. Just what you DON'T want to see driving up to preschool on the first day. The church had been robbed about an hour prior so the crime was fresh and the burglar was still running around somewhere with whatever he'd ripped off from the church office (one of those ski mask wearing burglars, yeah). It freaks me out but we will go out into the world where caution tape is hanging and there is dust being brushed on fingerprints. There's no other way to live your life.

Not only has the Jooge added another preschool day this year but I have taken on more responsibility. Being a co-op, it's run by parents and all parents have support jobs. About 12 of the support jobs serve on the board. As Class Rep I am on the board now. It's fun to be more involved but you definitely must draw the line as far as how much attention it gets. For me it's busy now and then at various intervals throughout the year. Anyway that's something new getting my energy, and probably has indeed replaced the blog at this point.

Avery is about to become 2 1/2 and is in the most mommy-clingy phase EVER. I have never been good with clinginess. Today we went to the park and she didn't even play she just sat by me on the bench, which was fine but what fun is that for her? The irony is she picked a book out of the library today called "You Come Back" about leaving and returning, sort of an assurance for little folks who don't want their parents to leave. I don't know what's up, if she's reacting to me being gone a few nights in the past few weeks for preschool meetings or what but it's been hard on both of us. Now that Jooge is back to school we will have more time just she and I and I'm looking forward to that.

If you don't hear from me for awhile, just know that it's because I'm momming, preschooling, wifing too even. Keeping busy indeed.

Sorry little blog.


Maureen said…
Don't say the blog is finished! It's how I keep up with you and your beautiful young women!
Robin said…
Hi Tia, I feel ambivalence about my blog too. I feel this weird pressure, especially after not updating in a long time. It's tough. Just do what feels right. I do like reading your stories, though!

oh, ps - how are you liking your new car? I am in the market for a new one and the CRV is on my list.
tia said…

Thanks for the kind words. The CRV has been great, I highly recommend.
Anonymous said…
Boo Hoo...I guess that means I need to get out and walk on my lunch hour instead of reading your blog and diving into all your other notes of interest. Well we will keep up with you and your precious fam in other ways.
Auntie M

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