Role Call

Tonight we got home from having dinner at IHOP and there was a message on our machine from the place where Jooge is taking ballet every Saturday.

The lady said something to the effect of:"We're just calling to find out why Julia hasn't been in class. We hope everything's okay, we just wanted to make sure. We hope to see her in class tomorrow."

I said to myself, "Hmmm, we've been to ballet every week thus far. Wonder what's up." So I called them and said, "Hey, just wanted to let you know, Julia has been there every Saturday so far."

And then it hit me. Julia has been there, but LAURA is taking ballet. You know, Laura Ingalls, Jooge's new nickname? Yeah.

Mystery solved.

Once we got it straightened out, her ballet teacher got a real kick out of it. She said, "Yeah, I was thinking, what a coincidence that there was a Laura Ingalls, but...." I kept wondering who she was thinking Laura belonged to these past few weeks, (was she thinking "the Ingalls" had just started sending her but forgotton to register?) but no matter. Her teacher at school now calls her Julia Laura, and I heard her friend tentatively approach her and pause before saying, "Um, Laura?"



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