Love Lives of the Preschool Set

Jooge is crazy about a new male schoolmate, we'll call him, "J." She told me she likes him because he has curly hair like her, twenty teeth like her, and he can stand on one foot, like her. He came over the other day and she was BEYOND pumped. It sent her into a frenzy actually, and she put on her princess dress and princess music and asked him dance to with her. Cha! He sat in the chair and loved it but hated it, you could tell. Another day we were going to school and carpooling with J and she was telling him about how she likes to wear her hair in braids. He was such a good sport, responding with, "So it doesn't get in your face?"

Tonight we are babysitting another of her friends who is a boy, we'll call him, "T". He's her original main squeeze. Though they are in her room tucked into her bed they are nowhere near sleeping, so when his parents pick him up he will be wide awake. But I'm not even trying to fight it. Instead, I'm listening to their priceless conversation.

Him: "I told you you could marry me."
Her: "I'm not going to marry you, I'm going to marry...(other boy she's into)
Him: "How 'bout you marry both of us, please?"

Him: "So, are you going to marry me?"
Her: "No, I'm going to marry both of you."
Him: "But I'm so good, first marry me, then marry...."

It soon turned into expressions of love.
Him: "I love you with my belly and my whole body,"
Her: "I love you with my eyelashes."
Him: "I love you with my voice."
Her: "I feel so good now!"
Him: "Me too, now let's go to sleep."


Maureen said…
I love a man who can be confident wearing women's jammies.

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