Merry Merry

We took a quick one night trip a few days ago to Stubbs L. Stewart State park and stayed in one of these sweet little impeccable cabins for the night. Nobody was around, well, except for the hosts and a big group of inmates working on planting at the campground. (Yikes! Glad I didn't know that until we were leaving). The weather was crisp and cool, even snowed for a bit. We also enjoyed a great hike the next day. The park itself has a lot of growing up to do to be more to my liking forest-wise, but all in all has some good facilities. I would highly recommend such a cheap and delightful change of scene.

I took a day to myself yesterday and spent from 9 am to about 9:30 pm out of the house. I got my hair cut and colored, had lunch with my aunt, did a little fabric purchasing at Bolt, went to a friend's birthday party at a studio where we got to play around making art, and then went and saw Juno! It was a really. Good. Movie. Please see it sometime if you can.

Wow. I can't believe Christmas is two days away. I'm in awe of time. And because I spend most of it moving 90 mph it's pretty much my own fault. From now until New Years there will be a little less frantic activity on my part and a whole lot more relaxation with the fam. (After a trip to drop off a TON of stuff I cleared out of our toy closet/playroom today to Good Willy's!)

A happy one to you and yours!


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