Saturday, December 08, 2007

Welcome Little Tree!

It is up. It is decorated. It is aglow. And it's one of my favorite trees ever.

This year I wanted to find a different kind of tree, one which appealed to me a bit more than the usual Oregon noble. And wouldn't you know it, we found it at the first and only place we planned to go, a tree stand, not our usual tree farm. There was only one. A Frasier Fir. Just the right size (last years' towered a bit at 8.5 feet). This one's daintier with a lovelier shape, shinier needles, more fragrance. In the words of Parenthood's Cool, "It's good. It's shiny."

The husband did the lights. The kids and I did the decorations. I'm really pleased with it and plan on lying beneath it tonight to recapture the feeling, you know, the magic of being a child, lying on the ground and looking up, colored lights painting branchy shadows all over the ceiling.

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