When Jooge was a baby she got a small stuffed elephant with a rattle inside that became her favorite toy. We called it "Buddy." Unfortunately he got lost sometime around her third year of life, and we never found it again. I think it must be stuffed in some neighborhood kid's toybox, and many times I wish I would have put up some sort of "LOST" sign on our mailboxes just in case.....

Over the holidays I was on Ebay searching for another Buddy, (the company, AMELA, is no longer) when much to my delight there he was! The picture proved it-same grey body, same floppy nose. I promptly paid 20 bucks to reclaim our favorite toy.

When Buddy arrived in the mail a week later, the package looked really big. I took one look and thought, "That can't be Buddy!" I opened it up and was quite surprised to find that it WAS our Buddy, but in a bigger size. Little did I know that our Buddy came in different sizes. Upon closer inspection I realized the receipt even said, "GIANT."

We told Jooge he was back from vacation in Alabama and had grown, just like her. She didn't bat an eye, and has considered renaming "him" Katie.


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