Egg Decorating

Last night we did a little Easter Egg decorating. The girls were so different about decorating. Jooge took lots of time, did one color for each egg, carefully adorned them with stickers or crayon drawings, you know, like an almost five year-old might. Avery had all of her eggs dyed in about three minutes. Then, she went back for second, third, fourth colorings, dunking an egg in a color, reaching in, grabbing it out, splashing it into another mug of color, grabbing it again, slamming it into her egg box, humming the whole time. Her hand was as colorful as her eggs. Her eggs also turned out looking strangely REAL in their hues, what with all the layers of colors and cracks a'plenty.

Now we have nearly three dozen hard boiled eggs to consume in the next five days. Happy Easter!


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