Fancy That, a Hat!

I just made my first hat, over a two-three month time frame. The hardest part about hats for me is the initial first two rows. For some reason my fingers really fumble with that. This hat fits me or the Jooge, whomever might be in the mood for blue. I used one skein of a woolywash yarn. The creative projects these days seem few and far between, but what joy they bring to a busy mom's world.


toddderrick said…
Hello my friend!
I re-entered the world of blog and am now caught up on MommaTia! What a year it is has been! I was completely overwhelmed and encouraged by your writings about Momma Zenor; I'm glad she's doing well and so appreciate her character.

It's been an interesting year for me as well after having moved back to Seattle from NYC. Microsoft acquired my old company and I'm now back with my old colleagues @ DRIVE. I took a new job as well... International Expansion in Asia! I just got back from my first adventure in Tokyo and started a new blog to commemorate the new position: I hope that you can follow along... as I've enjoyed following yours along too!

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