Never a Dull Moment Around Here

Though temporarily parked, these boots traipsed through a field yesterday and provided us with great adventure. We collected hazelnuts, dandelions, sticks, and came back and then out came paper (totally unplanned but it worked!) and drew them. It was one of those times when we just went outside to explore, rare, but easy to do. I need to do it more. I probably will, now that I'm reading this book.
In other news, we have had a constant rotation of visitors each weekend. Last weekend my husband's mom, sister and niece were here. Jooge LOVED LOVED LOVED playing with her cousin, an 11 year old.

Before that it was my brother and his fiance, and a weekend of family time. I got to play my first game of Guitar Hero "shralping" it up in front of the screen. Pictured here is my mom shralping.

Last weekend we attended a fabulous St. Patty's Day parade. Our preschool did a float and threw lots of candy at the crowds. Holy cow. The kids on the sidelines of parades these days with their bags full of candy! Out of control!

And this weekend? We have absolutely nothing planned. It will be very good to recharge and reclaim our space, to prepare for the fun to come, and most importantly to don our boots so we can find a field somewhere and explore. Happy Spring Break!


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