Thursday, April 24, 2008

Down to the Burg

This week we had no preschool due to conferences so we took a little jaunt down south to visit the grandparents and uncle Ry. It was a great little trip. Avery enjoyed the owl in the front yard. We celebrated her 3rd birthday with two bite cupcakes and princess themed gifts. Grandpa stayed home from work and watched Ratatouille with them. Uncle Ry took them up to the tennis court to ride bikes and run. We did some exploring in the yard, spotting many a live wild turkey. We visited grandma at work and went to lunch with her. We did some thrift shopping. My brother indulged in a few episodes of my favorite (and might I add crappy) reality t.v. We also made these cookies per my request, something straight out of my youth. (The cookie presses, made by RYCRAFT, are still available today). Thanks for a lovely trip you three! We love you.

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