Friday, May 09, 2008

"For every runner, there is the constant balance between love and hate."

I love this campaign by New Balance and can relate to it completely. Since January, I've been working on a "COUCH POTATO to 5K" program with a friend. She and I have basically been training at the same time but not really together and we've both progressed on our own, sharing our running highs and lows along the way. We're scheduled to do our first 5K tomorrow morning!

I never thought of myself as a runner, and still don't. I jog, people, slowly. But. I'm moving, and I've gone from jogging three minutes at a time to jogging for 37minutes straight. For me that's progression.

Since January I've lost about 12 pounds. My pants fit differently. I just bought new t-shirts that don't swim on me. I am no longer cardiovascularly challenged running up the stairs and have a great stress reliever three times a week. My goal is to reclaim my body from its pitiful post-childbirth state and I'm getting there.

I have my ipod to thank. I do best when I run to music, preferrably music that has a beat I can match. A supportive but not pushy husband helps. Also, my accountability comes from my friend who is training, too. After tomorrow's 5K I have two more that I'm aiming to run to keep myself going.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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Meagan Elliot said...

Good for you, Cornelia!!!!