Keepin' It Real For My Peeps

I'm no Betty Crocker, but I have baked some seriously yummy things in my day. For some reason though, when I make cakes they burn, they don't raise, they're difficult to get out of the pan, their seven-minute-icing tastes tangy when it shouldn't, you know, stuff like that. Bottom line: the cakes I make are never normal, and because they're usually baked for an occasion, there is always panic and a plan B put into place last minute.

Last week I set out to bake a cake for Avery's birthday. After baking, I was able to get both layers out of the pan with the help of my carefully cut wax circles that were also greased. BUT when I laid them on my cooling rack face down, they stuck! When I tried to remove them, the whole center of the cake came out. When I tasted them, they tasted STRONGLY of baking soda. I realized I'd added three teaspoons of baking SODA but the recipe called for baking POWDER. I am a doofus, people.

On Avery's birthday she went to her friend Haley's house for the morning. Haley's mom made her confetti cupcakes from a cake mix. Luckily some came home with us because this occasion's plan B was a lemon poppy seed bundt cake that turned out fine but that she took a few bites of and then forgot during present time.

Moral of the story: Use a fricken cake mix, Tia. Just face it. You don't do cakes.


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