Move over Lavar, It's Storytime Saturday!

I'm always on the lookout for great kid's books and am constantly finding ones that I would love to tell the world about. At the right is a growing list of titles we've loved, but I also wanted to share details about some individual books I read to my kids. Each Saturday you can come here and find a synopsis of another book we loved. Hope you enjoy!

This week's book is called On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole. It's the story of Caroline, who lives on Meadowview street, a street that ironically has little nature around it, save the square boring lawns in front of every identical house. Motivated by a few wayward flowers growing in her lawn, she goes about cultivating a happy wilderness in her own yard. For me, any story where kids are loving nature is a favorite of mine. I like how the parents in this book were willing to help her with her goal, and how the neighbors caught on, too. Designed for preschoolers, the story has really pleasing illustrations and a great message. Julia said, "I like that it has lots and lots of flowers." Check it out!


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