Spega Fever

We were invited to brunch last weekend at a neighbor friend's and when she served my daughters milk in these sweet little glasses, I was instantly in love and wondered where they'd come from. It turns out they were yogurt containers, Spega La Natura yogurt containers specifically. I made it my mission to track them down and buy us some for both the yogurt part, but also the glasses. We were short on kid glasses around here and I'm feeling SO DONE with the whole pastic sippy cup thing, having recently invested in these for when we leave the house.

Oh my. I found them a mere week later at Trader Joes. The yogurt is really tasty and the glasses are sturdy, perfect for little hands and just plain cute. Was it worth $12 for eight? In my mind, yes. Thanks for the tip, Sally!


Robin said…
Hey, have you noticed the Kleen Kanteen gets stinky inside after a day with water in it? We got one for Max and I love it, but when I go to wash it out at the end of the day, it reeks! How can I get rid of that smell?
Tia said…
I haven't noticed any smells from our kleen kanteens....that's weird. I think you got a bum KK.
Robin said…
I must have. :(

Or, the water in Chicago is polluted! (wouldn't surprise me.)

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