At our house, (and especially now with Avery, who is potty training) Potty Kits are a huge hit. Do you know about these? Borrowable from the library, they feature a colorful collection of books designed to encourage young children's potty training process. The titles in our kit, Karen Katz's Potty for Me, Alona Frankel's Once Upon a Potty, Joanna Cole's My Big Girl Potty,and more, are especially geared for girls but there are kits for boys too.

The above book, "Where's the Poop?" is a favorite because each page features an animal pooping somewhere in its' natural environment and you have to find the poop hidden under one of the flaps on each page. Then, the book ends with a person pooping on a potty, who also says, "Excuse me, can you please close the book? I'm going potty." The kids crack up at that part every time. (At our house we can't get over how the penguin poop in that book is pink. My guess was that maybe they ate a lot of shrimp, something even Avery remembers when we get to that page and she responds, "I think they ate a lot of shrimp.")

We will have had our kit for nine weeks by the time it's due (two renewals later) and during this time Avery has progressed quite far with her potty training. Are the books the reason? It can't hurt to hear an encouraging message again and again about something she's working on daily. Checking out a potty kit for Avery has been a special thing for her. She delighted in carrying it out to the car, and she looks at her Potty Kit books all the time. Believe it or not, the books have even been a model for me. In one story the mom tells her daughter, "Don't give up!" when the kid has an accident. I think that's such a great thing to say. As you're peeling off wet underwear and cleaning up another puddle, it's the last thing you think of to say but it totally helps. Our less frequent accidents are proof. The potty kit also features a book for parents to read about the whole lovely potty training process. Definitely worth checking out if you have any potty training in your future.


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