Saturday, May 10, 2008

Though aimed at kids aged 4-8, this week's book is actually a gem of a book for parents, too. Cottonball Colin, by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross is the story of an overprotective mother who is constantly fearful that her smallest son will be hurt. Though his older siblings all get to run free and wild, poor Colin must stay indoors, not permitted to climb, run, or jump because he might fall. And then there's the fear that a chestnut will fall on his head. Colin's grandma has a super idea about how to protect Colin from danger: swab him in cotton. This would all be fine and dandy if being wrapped in cotton didn't prove to bring MORE danger into Colin's tiny life. This book reminds all of us to lighten up when it comes to saying NO because of our fears of our children getting hurt. Colin actually develops bravery and strength by being faced with everyday challenges. And his mother learns something, too.

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