Letter to my Five Year Old

Dear Julia,

Today you turn five. Technically it's tonight at about 9:43 if I remember correctly. But five years ago, I was laboring away, by now I'd gotten an epidural, something I'll tell you about someday. And you were about to come into my life and change it forever.

Today we celebrated your birthday with five of your closest pals and a pj/pancake party that started at 8:30 in the morning. You got to wake up and see your friends right away which for a girl like you energized you and put a HUGE smile on your face. You did laps together and cavorted and had the best time. You ate pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. You drank smoothies that stained your lips. You went on a scavenger hunt and found some surprises for you and your friends.

Your friends did a great job giving you gifts. One friend described in great detail a homemade gift he'd given you, another shyly presented you with a book of friendship quotations. You got a fairy paper doll world and a kitten in a purse and your first ever polly pocket and melty beads. You will also be getting some wonderful gifts later, namely a new bike, an umbrella, and that suitcase your aunt promised you.

After the presents everyone got a Costco cupcake (the size of your head, those cupcakes I tell ya). When it was time to say goodbye to your collection of preschool pals, I felt a little wistful and sad, knowing they'd be people we'd stay in touch with, but also knowing it would never be the same, that your worlds wouldn't intersect as often, that soon your hearts would rearrange themselves when new friends came into your midst.

Celebrating you is a joy. I want to remember who you are right now, today, this day when you turned five in your silky nightgown covered in hearts. I want to remember the way you clung to me, a little embarassed when we sang to you and you wished that every day could be your birthday. I want to hear you sing and see the flash of you as you skip past, occupied with your stuffed friend Marie. I want to hear you and your sister plan and talk and pretend together in melodic peace. I want to read another chapter of Ramona the Pest to you and laugh together about Ramona chasing Davy on the playground.
I love you!


Anonymous said…
Your letters are priceless. I wish I had taken time to write a few lines along the way. It all seems a blur now and that is sad!
Auntie M
toddderrick said…
Tia, your writing continues to amaze. What a letter your little (big!) one will get to enjoy.

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