This picture is a fave that I discovered upon one of my recent photo perusals. I think Avery is about 8 months in this shot, making her sister (insert math computing sounds)2 1/2. I remember the way this fleece suit fit each of my tall girls, it was kind of tight and when they straightened out it had a way of holding them in a little, as Avery seems to be held in in this picture.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years and school's out, the calendar's clear, and we've been taking it easy around the house. Today I got out my sewing machine and managed to make a pair of pj bottoms out of the sunniest fabric, only to try them on and have them be too small. I started a nightgown and fear the same will happen, though in that case it would be way more work after tackling plackets, yokes, facings and collars. At one point I realized my limitations and put the whole project away for awhile, instead deciding to clean my machine. The lady working the Huskavarna desk at Joanne's told me that if I do anything to preserve the life of my machine, I should regularly clean it. Let me tell you, I am hanging my head in shame because that thing was FILTHY inside. But on the bright side, I learned how to do free motion sewing. This inspired me, I want to try and make something like it. Next time. At least now my machine is ready.

We are going to try and get out to pick some strawberries this week, something we haven't ever picked yet. Word at the patch is that they're just about ready to be taken home in droves. I'm late this year but on time, thanks to the chilly spring. My goal is to gorge out on them in their sweet peak flavor instead of waiting and treating them like gold, letting them go bruisy and transparent.

We are slowing down, taking it as it comes, relaxing into summer.


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