My brother Andy got married July 19. The wedding was an amazing celebration, and I will always look back on it and grin.

The girls were flower girls. (My aunt MADE those dresses, are they not AMAZING?) They walked serious and hunched together down the aisle to an orchestral version of Tiny Dancer. Not a flower petal left its' basket but they did great.

Andy and Meghann coreographed a dance for the reception to "Don't Stop Believing." They also rented a photo booth for wedding guests to get their pictures taken in for the guest book. The food was amazing. There were many great dance floor moments, reunions with old friends, and moments with the happy couple.

I couldn't be more excited to welcome Meghann into the fam. The best to you both. I love you!

Top picture courtesy of Mary.
A few more pictures taken by their amazing photographer Christopher Duggan arehere.


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