Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Can Anyone Say "NO" To Those Faces?

There's a park in our neighborhood with a huge expanse of grass and a big gazebo that we always walk past yet it captures the girls attention and they beg to stop. I say,"Not today," because we're on our way home or something.

Last night we walked to get the mail and, in the spirit of a casual jaunt, the girls each pushing something, we decided to keep walking. Our destination unintentionally became the spot that is usually a passageway, the very spot they always want to go to, for what turned into such a lovely, loose time. I sat on the bench reading mail while the kids ran and had a grand old time. Shoes came off. Grass meandered between toes. It was a little slice of magic that a yes allowed. I want more casual jaunts, less rushing home. I want to go back. We might wander there. Or, next time they ask I will say yes.

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