We've been taking a few Mini Masters classes this summer at My Masterpiece Art Studio. I am so inspired by that place. Their art lessons for the "Minis" (2-6 year-olds)are wonderful. If I didn't teach in a regular classroom again I would love to do art enrichment for kids. It's been a real joy to watch the girls create their own mini masterpeices.

Earlier in the summer they learned about Hans Hofmann and created these pictures.

Then, they did some David Hockney inspired swimming pools.

Today's lesson was on Louise Nevelson, who created sculptures with wood. Rich, eh? They are screaming to be mounted on a wall someday.


toddderrick said…
Send me your email adddress -- we have to talk! I'm todd_d_moore@hotmail.com. I think our worlds just collided again! Yes, Judy is Mamma Weaver to Michelle, Matt and John. Pappa Weaver is Strode Weaver; they grew up in Bellevue; Michelle now lives in the midwest with her hubby and two girls. CrAzY!

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