Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Craft Therapy

After the madness of school starting and stressing about my dad, I took advantage of a rare available Saturday a few weeks ago and indulged in a little therapeutic creativity. The above benched tote was born for our preschool auction. Then I liked it so much I decided to keep it. I did not use a pattern. I love love love the print on the inside, which is also used for the pocket. I wish I had yards of it for lots of projects but alas, the fabric is all thrifted, so I got what I got when I found it. Both navy and red outer fabrics are corduroy.

I made this tote later for the preschool auction, and it will really be going to the auction, though Jooge thought I was making it for her. I'm enclosing a thrifted copy of Little Bear and Mercy Watson to the Rescue. The heart on the front is a pocket and there's also a pocket inside for a library card.

This was another creation for the auction, a collage designed for a child's bedroom. Just take a square of birch from Michael's, create a design, and grab your mod podge.

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