Back to School

There's a kindergartener in our midst. She has just lived through her first week of school, sharing tales about the gym teacher Mr. Twig, a boy in her class she has her eye on named Dillon, and a goodbye rap they sing before they leave.

When a teacher finally gets to experience their own child attending school, it's so interesting. From closely analyzing how organized the teacher is to the realization that her teacher and I had actually responded to a question of hers with the same teacher verbage, I think having a teacher for a mom (even if I'm not teaching right now) only helps encourage a love of school, NOT that she needed any help in that department.

It has taken its toll too. After four afternoons of kindergarten she about lost it last night at Back to School night. Oooh, it was ugly. And her teacher had just told us minutes before, "She's one of those kids that's just easy." Easy, but human.


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