Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kid Updates

Jooge is completely giddy about school. She LOVES her teacher to bits. Suddenly she cares about writing her numbers, she is sounding out words in books. Fertile soil, that girl. Her teacher is just scattering seeds that are sprouting right and left. She's making new friends and she did a chant wearing paper coyote ears with all the kindergarteners at the assembly the other day. When I pick her up there is always a chorus of goodbyes as we leave. She is taking swimming lessons right now and enjoying that, though for awhile there she had an aversion to her teacher because he was a boy. She is into playing mancala at home and drawing. The other morning she was laying in bed with me and she told me, "If I ever get a girl I'm going to maybe name her Cutia." (Pronounced, "Cute-ia") Rich! Later she was playing with Avery and wanted to "play president." I heard her tell her, "I'll be Ah-rock know who Ah-rock Obama is? Ah-rock a bama is a famous president." I like her thinking on that one.

Meanwhile, Bub has started preschool and is slowly wading in. Our teacher is a GODSEND in that she plays a game with her every day when it's time for me to go. I know in a few weeks/months she won't need that. At the end of the day she usually hsa a story about how someone did her wrong. Today they were all fighting over her Curious George in the Box (like a jack-in-the-box) and she left the classroom in tears. She is a hair chewer these days. That little peice of hair is ALWAYS in her mouth. She also chews on her dresses and saturates them with saliva. Bub loves to give her "sly" look.

She also loves to ask for jerky by saying, "I want something that sounds like jerk..." She tells animated stories about her stuffed dog, "Jack." She told me today that she had another camping trip to Silver Falls planned. She is FAMOUS for loading up a backpack or her suitcase with a bunch of stuff and then wanting to take it with us when we leave the house, which is often these days. She hates wearing shoes, and the minute we get in the car she has them off. Her swimming teacher is a really good match for her with a wry sense of humor and a no tears approach. (You would never have known Avery cried the first few lessons). She's been doing great in the pool.

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