Lately I've been in total movie mode. It all started with some free red box tickets from McDonalds that had been in my pocket forever. Baby Mama made me laugh, Sex in the City made me laugh and cry, and then, The Things We Lost in the Fire totally made me cry. It's the dramatic story of a woman who loses her husband in a tragic accident and how she befriends her late husband's best friend, a heroin addict, whom she never really approved of. It was beautifully written and shot. Benicio Del Toro is amazing in this movie. I liked his character.

Smart People is on my radar next. Any more recommendations?


toddderrick said…
Yes! A couple of new all-time faves, if you haven't yet enjoyed them...

1. Lars and the Real Girl
2. Once
3. Son of Rambow

toddderrick said…
Oh, another somewhat recent fave I forgot: Stardust.

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