Now that fall is here, we've been knee deep in favorite autumnal activities. Last weekend Grandma scoped out a "Sincere Pumpkin Patch" that we visited.
I will never be able to stop picking up beautiful leaves. It's unavoidable. This year for the first time I learned here about dipping them in beeswax and was inspired by what I saw here to string them onto a garland.
Our table is "festooned with decorative gourds." (This is a direct quote from Martha Stewart who we mock when talking about festooning or decorative gourds because of her pronunciations for each).I have been collecting chestnuts and acorns, compulsively, without being able to stop myself.

We went to a fruit stand for apples, which taste SO GOOD right now. YUM.

And, lastly, I made pumpkin bread, because anything pumpkin flavored I go for.


Anonymous said…
Wow..where have I been. I just spent my whole lunch hour catching up. It was a great read and captured all my emotions. July thru October, whew! Luv u. Aunt Marisue

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