Two Good Reasons to Leave the House in the Evenings

We typically stay pretty close to home in the evenings but twice in the past few weeks we've gotten out and done something in Portland. It can make for a long day with the chillins but I do love getting out!

First, we went and watched the Swifts, at Chapman Elementary. This is a group of legendary birds that spend time flying around the chimney at Chapman and then coreograph a unique entrance into it. We went later in the season so I don't think it was as breathtaking as it might have been with the bigger number of swifts earlier in September. Still, it was very cool. And any reason to sit in a field with a crowd and watch nature on a warm night, I'm down with it.

The next week, we met friends and their new baby at Cool Moon Ice Cream. Holy crap were we ever treated to some tasty licks! I initially heard about it because a friend of mine's daughter is the woman who opened the shop. I must remember to thank her for telling me and for raising her daughter right to create such masterpeices in a dish. The girls and I all had toasted coconut and my husband had citrus pistacio. All of it, yum. A bit spendy, but worth each lick. Another review here says it all again. Check 'em out.


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