Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We've been bombarded around here with catalogs and I'm not green enough to go through the whole process of taking our names off whatever list we're on so that we stop getting them. We scope 'em out, use them to dream about what might end up under the Christmas tree, and then we recycle them. As green as I get, people.

How cute is the new cover of LAND OF NOD's catalog? I appreciate its' collaged colorfulness. Julia wants everything on pages 36-37 and 42-43. I am encouraged by the fact that her selections are required for crafting, and if I've tried to cultivate anything in my children, it's creativity.

One of the coolest things she wants is their "I'm Not Bored Anymore Jar." It's an idea I'm totally going to copy because I am NOT paying $29 for theirs. Actually, $29 isn't too bad. But it's filled with "funky art supplies" like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue pens, etc. They also sell the coolest Frames Wallpaper. Once it's up on the wall you can draw in the frames. I saw a similar wallpaper here.

Now, I need to pry the catalog out of Julia's hands long enough for little Bubbie to paruse it for gift ideas. IDEAS, because I will not be buying anything at Land of Nod. I'm just being inspired by it, that's all. And the cover of the catalog, especially.

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