Hello Our Names Are Simon and We Like to Do Draw-Rings

We've been big into drawing and coloring around here. I LOVE their artwork. Given the interest both girls have in drawing, it's easy to help cultivate that interest and ability. An ability to draw is a huge confidence builder for kids. Art, I believe, is one of those gifts that keep giving.

When I was teaching I used this book for drawing lessons. I also did an art lesson from this book where I took the kids through a step by step process on how to draw an animal. In the book the lesson is for drawing a lion, but you can use any image of anything and break it down into steps. I tried it with the girls the other day with owls and they turned out so great! They are five and three years old, and look at how they turned out! I was amazed how focused they both were, and how they followed each step. Julia's is on top, Avery's on the bottom.

This segued into some fantastic penguins by Julia.

Avery makes amazing faces with really big eyes.

They've been begging for another "drawing lesson" and we gotthis Ed Emberley book at the library that I think we'll use next.


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