I've Got a Deep Sea Diver For a Daughter

They say that three year olds are still distinguishing fantasy from reality. Take my brother, Andy for example. Around that age he used to be full of stories about all the things he did when he was in the army.

The other day we were reading a book about jellyfish and Avery told me, "I saw lots of jellyfish when I was a sea diver." She gave a little nod and raised her eyebrows, like, "Yeah mom, I'm serious, that really happened."

I let out a laugh, because I couldn't help it. Her earnestness, alone, was hilarious. Then I covered up the truth by explaining, "Yeah. I was just laughing because I was thinking back to when I was a sea diver, too." (Trying not to laugh more).


Anonymous said…
I've got a blueberry for a daughter!

xoxo, Cornelia!

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