This weekend Molly and Lucy came down from Seattle. Lucy is two now, and such a hoot. Molly is an amazing mother and a good friend. I always really enjoy our visits. We had some good food and the kids played pretty well together, given their age differences. I was proud of how Avery and Julia ("Julie") played with Lucy this time, especially compared to the last time she came, which is when Avery had a really hard time sharing because SHE was two.

We got out to the "Blue Heron Park," a favorite destination of ours for scampering about. The girls even bathed together last night.
Thanks for coming, you two! We love you!


Marisue said…
Before reading the blog I knew this had to be Mollie's sweet little redhaired girl. That was fun to jump over and read her blog too. Avery looks just like you in the bathtub pic. Fun stuff. Thanks for the great lunch hour read. luv u

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